Video Contest

I am so very excited to share the news. My book video trailer has been accepted for a video contest. The incredible animation that Misty, from Trailer to the Stars deserves to be recognized!

The September Voting Poll is up and the Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom book trailer is in the running.

Make sure you go over and vote for my video trailer (#11)! Voting will close on September 27! Please direct your friends and followers to to vote for your video.

This book will soon be available to the General Public as its launch date is September 26, 2013!

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I amaze even myself sometimes

CLEWBanner-ad-300x250I just had to share. I needed to make a button ad for Home Business Magazine. Now that seems like an easy thing for a designer to do you would think? But no, then I go and get an idea of having the girl holding MY book in her hand. Oh, why do I get these ideas? LOL. So here we are hours later, with what I hope is a workable solution. What do you think?

You’re welcome to share the button too, just copy and link to your own Affiliate link, yup got that too. 😉

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In my excitement I jumped the gun

Have you ever been so excited that you let loose too early? Well, that is just what I did in my last post. While Misty Taggart of Trailer to the Stars was putting the finishing touches on my Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom animated book trailer I posted the link to it.

Well, now it has been  revised and I don’t remember where all I posted it! Egads! Backtracking and back peddling to try to remember where all I posted the old link so I can update it. Nigh impossible! You think somebody would notify me if they see a broken link on their website, but no word. It’s not like the contact information isn’t in the trailer, eh?

What do you do in this circumstance? Well anyway, here’s the new link  and I’ve updated the link in the previous post as well. Enjoy the final version with me.

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I’m bustin’ at the Seams!

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! Look at the unbelievably perfect book trailer Misty Taggart of Trailer to the Stars has created for my book Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom!

Click the image below to see why I am so excited and view the book trailer on YouTube!

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Yesterday I went out to lunch to celebrate my anniversary with some friends. When I got Clewbooks-coversback there were three boxes on my door step. Guess what was in them? Yup! The print books are here. Only problem is, one of the blank pages in the beginning is missing. Agh! This makes all the left side pages even numbered and right side one odd. How odd! Nevertheless, the content is all there and the index and table of contents are correct.

So, I spent the late afternoon resending the file to the printer with, instead of a forced page odd break, an inserted page. I can’t figure out why Adobe PDF Pro can’t render a proper odd page break when switching out of Roman numerals!

Needless to say, I have a few books that will go cheap. If you want a signed copy let me know and I’ll send you one of these for only $17.00 plus shipping. Regular print edition is $29.95!

Anyway, the book is beautiful and HUGE! It really IS a tome!

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Print Edition is Live on Amazon!

ImageFor those of you who have been waiting for the Print Edition of Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom, you can now see it in all it’s glory on Amazon here. (

So, now you have all versions accessible to you for the asking, print, Kindle, Nook, ePub, and all the Smashwords versions.

If you are serious about your business growth, you need to get your copy today!

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Now Available in PRINT!

Amazon is working on getting the cover up, but the Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom is finally available in print! I just ordered a few copies too, so if you want a signed copy, leave a comment and I’ll be sure you get one.

If you are looking for entrepreneurial wisdom from a 30+ year veteran you need look no further. Look at what one reader has to say:

“If you can only choose one business book to read this year, THIS is the winner. Ginger Marks has pulled together a fantastic, comprehensive, all-encompassing guide on everything from success in business to marketing, design, writing and so much more. Easy-to-read and smart ideas help you take action on what you need to in order to run a successful business from home. Highly recommended!”

Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., bestselling author of 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking and Kill the Elevator Speech: Stop Selling. Start Connecting,

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