womanFelicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., bestselling author of 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking and Kill the Elevator Speech: Stop Selling. Start Connecting, SignatureSpeechSecrets.com

“If you can only choose one business book to read this year, THIS is the winner. Ginger Marks has pulled together a fantastic, comprehensive, all-encompassing guide on everything from success in business to marketing, design, writing and so much more. Easy-to-read and smart ideas help you take action on what you need to in order to run a successful business from home. Highly recommended!”

womanConnie Dunn, Publish with Connie, publishwithconnie.com

“Most of the time when we see something that claims to be a ‘complete’ whatever, we figure it is an overstatement. However, that is not the case with the Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom. This book covers business basics, including how to and how not to start your business; marketing; marketing design, which is a topic rarely covered; writing, which covers technical, practical, as well as, marketing aspects to writing; and life reflections, such as planning for emergencies and disasters—both natural and man-made.

There is so much information packed into this book that it could well be the only book on core business issues that you will ever need.”

womanD’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., bestselling author of 21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour, VirtualBookTour21Ways.com

“In the Complete Library of Entrepreneurship Wisdom Ginger Marks has put together an impressive and inspiring collection of ‘articles for entrepreneurs’. With over 150, power-packed, articles to choose from, the busy entrepreneur has at their fingertips, bite-sized training lessons to help them on their success journey. This book is attractively laid out and one that I will keep by my bedside as part of my nightly, motivational, food for thought, reading. Highly recommended!”

womanDenise Michaels, International Book Writing Guild, Author, Testosterone-Free Marketing a Business Bestseller sold in 15 Countries

“Ginger Marks latest book is a virtual treasure trove of helpful information for any budding or seasoned entrepreneur. Want your business to be successful faster, easier and with less headaches? Get your copy of the Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom and become the smart, savvy successful business owner you always wanted to be. You can do it – and Ginger is there to help.”

womanHolly Shantara, LifeStar Creations, LLC; Lifestyle Business Mentor, Coach, Consultant hollyshantara.com

“Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding livelihoods available. Yet, it is also filled with challenges and learning curves that can cost your business time, money and resources. Ginger Marks’ Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom is chockfull of practical, easy to understand advice that can give any new or seasoned entrepreneur the tools to succeed while bypassing the mistakes most of us have made on the ꞌtrep journey. This book is a definite resource to have in your success library!”

womanDee Louis-Scott, Author Believe in the Magic mattiefisher.com

“After reading Ginger’s ‘Golden Rule for Business’ I knew I had to get this book. Her Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom is chocked full of useful information. It is an encyclopedic reference book for business owners and authors alike.”

woman3Pat Duckworth, Royston Hypnotherapy, Award-winning author, Hot Women, Cool Solutions

“In this book Ginger Marks has drawn from her extensive business experience to provide practical advice on a range of subjects from writing business plans to maintaining your motivation.  She even shares with us her ‘Life Reflections’  and I think these will resonate with her women readers – particularly the article about chocolate!  The book is rich in content and easy to read.  You could sit and read this book from cover to cover but, if you don’t have a big chunk of time to sit and read, you can also dip in and out of the subjects that are most important to you.  A must read.”