Yesterday I went out to lunch to celebrate my anniversary with some friends. When I got Clewbooks-coversback there were three boxes on my door step. Guess what was in them? Yup! The print books are here. Only problem is, one of the blank pages in the beginning is missing. Agh! This makes all the left side pages even numbered and right side one odd. How odd! Nevertheless, the content is all there and the index and table of contents are correct.

So, I spent the late afternoon resending the file to the printer with, instead of a forced page odd break, an inserted page. I can’t figure out why Adobe PDF Pro can’t render a proper odd page break when switching out of Roman numerals!

Needless to say, I have a few books that will go cheap. If you want a signed copy let me know and I’ll send you one of these for only $17.00 plus shipping. Regular print edition is $29.95!

Anyway, the book is beautiful and HUGE! It really IS a tome!

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