I am too excited for words!

… but I will find a few to share with you. LOL.

Misty Taggart, Trailer to the Stars

Misty Taggart, Trailer to the Stars

Misty Taggart of Trailer to the Stars has agreed to do a book trailer for this book! It will be sooo cute! I can’t wait to share it with you, but at this point it is just her concept. Having been mentored by William Hanna of Hanna-Barbera Productions it goes without saying that her skills in animation are par excellence. My little gal on the cover will be the focus of her skill. Thank you Misty!

If you want to see some of her work pop over to my publishing website at http://www.documeantpublishing.com/ and check out her author video samples on the Get Published page under the Audio/Video section. If you want quality work at an reasonable rate, you need look no further than Misty Taggart and Trailer to the Stars. Shoot, I’ll even introduce you if you leave me a comment to this post and let me know or email me. *wink*

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3 Responses to I am too excited for words!

  1. WOW! What nice words. Now this is the way to start the day. I’m having fun creating Ginger’s animated video. To see many other samples of our work check out our YouTube Channel:
    Authors! You need to get to know Ginger. She’s amazing! Check out her many publishing services.

  2. Misty you are the BEST! I am so excited about my book trailer for “Believe in the Magic”. This book is so personal to me. You understood that. You worked with me until I felt it was perfect. Thank you Misty and Ginger.

  3. As I was looking at your book launch page I was thinking to myself, “Ginger could really use a book trailer. I’ll have to remember to suggest it.” And then, here is the news – you’re already on top of it! I’m not surprised at all. Congrats on getting the book done, turning it into hard copy, and putting it on video! Woo-hoo for you!!
    Felicia Slattery

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